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Here at Ivyleaf Cottage Holidays the Motor Neurone Disease Association as our charity of choice, as one of our good friends has been battling with this most challenging of conditions for many years now. MND is a totally life changing condition, which in most cases proves terminal in a fairly short time frame. Unlike conditions like cancer which effect very large numbers of people and consequently get considerable research funding every year MND propotionaly effects a much smaller number of people. This is essentially a good thing but means that the the funding and dontations which come in to support research into possible cures or ways in which to improve the lives of sufferers is substanitally smaller even though the effect on the indivual is just as difficult and in many cases more prolonged.


Earlier in 2014 an MND sufferer in the US decided to try and raise some money by emulating the victory celebration undertaken by many US sports teams, where upon winning the game the manager has the bucket of ice which is usually used to treat injured players poured over their head. He was doing this for sponsorship and posted the activity on facebook. Within a few days the world at large had started to emulate this one small act and post their ice bucket challenges on facebook, during the remainder of 2014 the Motor Neurone Disease Association raised more money in donations than ever before by some considerable margin.


Not to be left out we decided that Stuart should undertake his own Ivyleaf Cottage Holidays ice bucket challenge but in the pursuit of originality we decided to make it an ice barrow challenge!!! If you like to see humans being humiliated with large amounts of very cold water please feel free to watch the video below.


If having done so you would like to know more about MND or to donate to the association you can find both here: 


Next season we plan to have a monthly customer ice bucket challenge so if you are thinking of staying with us in 2015 and are up the challenge get your thinking cap on and see if you can come up with an even more innovative way to soak yourself:-).




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